Create a HTML page with following specifications

            Title should be about my City. Place your City name at the top of the page in large text and in blue color. Add names of landmarks in your city each in a different color, style and typeface. One of the landmarks, your college name should be blinking. Add scrolling text with a message of your choice.

<!DOCTYPE html>



      <title>M2-R5.1 Set 6 Question 2</title>

<style type=”text/css”>



            animation-name: blink;

            animation-duration: 2s;

            animation-iteration-count: infinite;


@keyframes blink{

      0%{opacity:0; color:black;}






            <h1><font color=”blue” size=”7″>My City</font></h1>

            <h3 style=”color:red;”>Azamgarh to Lucknow <span>Gandhi Satapdi PG College</span></h3> 

<h3 style=”color:blue;”>Azamgarh to Gorakhpur</h3>

            <h3 style=”color:green;”>Azamgarh to Prayagraj</h3>

            <h3 style=”color:orange;”>Azamgarh to Mau</h3>

            <h3 style=”color:pink;”>Azamgarh to Gazipur</h3>

            <h3 style=”color:purple;”>Azamgarh to Varanasi</h3>

<marquee><font color=”red” size=”7″><q>Work is Worship</q></font></marquee>