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HTML Basic (Chapter 3) M2-R5.1
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Password Pattern:-
  1. Only alphabetic data entry of maximum 15 characters and at least one character:


  1. Only letter (either case) and number: at least single character, no maximum limit:


  1. Only numbers and decimal point allowed: maximum 10 digits allowed:


  1. Only numbers and letters allowed: no limit:


  1. Only numbers, letters (either case),underscope and @ sign allowed: no limit:


  1. Only numbers, letters (either case),underscore and hyphens allowed: must be between 1 to 25 character: first character must be a letter:


  1. Only positive or negative numbers are allowed:maximum upto 10 digits and at least 1 digit:



     If the data entered by the user does not match with our pattern we can display a customized error message for user. To do so we have to use “title” attribute along with pattern attribute.

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