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Mouse Events

              mouse click पे जो events fire होतें हैं उन्हें mouse events कहा जाता है जैसे-

i. onclick event: onclick event element के click पर trigger होगी।

ii. oncontextmenu: जब mouse की Right button से click किया जाता है तो यह event trigger होगी।

iii. onmouseover: जब mouse का cursor element के ऊपर आएगा तब (hover) वह event trigger होगी।

iv. onmouseout/onmouseleave : जब mouse का cursor element से हट जायेगा तब वह event trigger होगी।.

v. onmousedown() event : किसी element या section पे जब mouse रख कर press किया जाता है उस वक़्त onmousedown() event fire होता है।

vi. onmouseup() event : जब किसी element पे mouse press करके फिर release की जाती है तब onmouseup() event fire होती है।

vii. onmousemove:जब भी HTML element पर mouse cursor को move किया जाता है तब event को trigger करा सकते है।

viii. ondblclick event : जब किसी button पे double click किया जाता तब ondblclick event काम करता है।



Mouse Events

             The events that fire on mouse click are called mouse events like-

i. onclick event: The onclick event will be triggered on the click of the element.

ii. oncontextmenu: This event will be triggered when clicked with the right button of the mouse.

iii. onmouseover: That event will be triggered when the mouse cursor comes over the element (hover).

iv. onmouseout/onmouseleave : That event will be triggered when the mouse cursor moves away from the element.

v. onmousedown() event: When the mouse is pressed on an element or section, the onmousedown() event fires.

vi. onmouseup() event: When the mouse is pressed on an element and then released, the onmouseup() event fires.

vii. onmousemove:The event can be triggered whenever the mouse cursor is moved on an HTML element.

viii. ondblclick event : The ondblclick event works when a button is double clicked.

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