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Arduino Uno Online Practical Based Question
Arduino Uno Offline (Hardware) Practical Based Question
IoT Lab Assignment
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If Statement

  1. WAP to check the Even Number.

  2. WAP to check the Odd Number.

  3. WAP to find greater value between two numbers.

  4. WAP to find smaller value between two numbers.

  5. WAP to check enter number is Positive.

  6. WAP to check enter number is Negative.

  7. WAP to check whether a number is divisible by 5.

  8. WAP to enter rate any product and give the 10% discount, if rate greater than 1000.

  9. WAP to enter salary and deducted the tax, if salary is greater than 5000.

  10. WAP to check pass the student in given number.

  11. WAP to check enter number is equal.

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